Those who are looking to up their game when it comes to crosstraining might be considering the merits of incorporating a weight vest into their routine.

Weight vests can certainly supplement an exercise routine, making you faster, stronger, as well as boosting your cardio and endurance. There are weight vests on the market (such as those manufactured by MIR Weighted Vests) which have adjustable/removable weights, so you can customize your workouts as-needed.

But, just as with anything in fitness, there are both benefits and drawbacks to using weight vests. And there are things to do and things not to do when you incorporate them into your fitness routine.

DO: Buy a Quality Vest

It’s important that you make a top notch purchase when you’re buying a weighted vest. MIR is a great quality vest for instance. There are some definite stinkers out there, too, vests that can’t even stand one single high-intensity workout without ripping or tearing.

DON’T: Wear Weight Vests too Often

You can mess up your equilibrium and your body’s default stabilizing system by wearing a weight vest for too long and too often. The ideal circumstance is to do pull ups, push ups, body squats, and speed intervals, as well as shorter distance hikes (1-5 miles). You don’t want to go on super long distance runs with a lot of weight, because it can really do some wear and tear to your joints and your spine and discs.

DO: Wear Your Weight Vest Snugly

Make sure that your weight vest is secure against your body. If the weights are bouncing around, this will intensify decompression and create problems in the spine and lower back.

DON’T: Push Your Workouts too Hard too Fast

Add weight slowly to your workouts, so you know your body is up for it. Adding too much too fast could land you an injury or at the very least put undue stress on your body.

If you do experience back, neck, spine, or leg pain due to weight vest training, contact Optimal Health and Wellness Center today. We’ll schedule your consultation with Dr. Suggs and get you back on the footpath to wellness again.

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