At Optimal Health & Wellness Center we go above and beyond to give our patients the concentrated care they need to live active and healthy lives — which ends up helping us live more meaningful lives as a result!

Chiropractic care should be a part of your personal wellness and body maintenance routine — not just an avenue only to be considered during and after injury. Below are a few qualities to look for in a chiropractor near you.

1.) Creates a Comfortable Atmosphere

Listen to your gut when it comes to choosing your chiropractic care specialist. When you talk to the staff on the phone, what sort of feeling do you get? During your initial consultation, how did the doctor make you feel? You need to feel like you’re in the very best of hands, literally, when it comes to choosing your chiropractor.

2.) Great Qualifications

Make sure to check up on your doctor’s qualifications, where they went to school for undergrad, medical school, and where they performed their residency. Do they do any volunteer work? If your prospective chiropractic care specialist has any special qualifications, that’s also a plus.

3.) Great Facility and Staff

Make sure that you feel taken care of and comfortable every step of the way, whether it’s when you’re scheduling your appointment over the phone or when you’re in the waiting room.

We strive to be the best chiropractic care specialist in San Antonio, TX at Optimal Health & Wellness Center. If you believe you could benefit from drug-free, holistically-driven chiropractic care, then give us a call today. We provide a multitude of health and wellness services, all under one roof.

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