Honestly, the answer is both!

You’ve probably heard something about these stand-up desk setups that are all the rage, which are believed to combat the nasty health problems that come about from sitting in one position all day. Many of use make livings sitting in front of the computer, which does a real number on our backs, not to mention our overall health.

But standing for long periods of time isn’t much better for you. Talk to a server at a restaurant — they experience wear and tear when it comes to the knees, feet, ankles, not to mention the lower back. Standing all day can burn energy and cut down on your focus, too.

So, what’s the answer then?

Try to mix it up! If you find yourself sitting in one position for over an hour, it’s time to get up and stretch. Take a trip to the water cooler. Volunteer yourself to grab coffee or lunch. You’ll be the hero and start reading the health benefits.

The bottom line is this: too much of anything is seldom good. Too much sitting or standing at work should be avoided whenever possible — it’s your body that pays the price. 

If standing or sitting at work all day has your spine all out of whack, contact Optimal Health & Wellness today. We’ll schedule your consultation and get you back to active.

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