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Our San Antonio Chiropractor Provides Full Body Healing & Wellness Services

The human body is a wonderful thing, and at Optimal Health & Wellness Center in San Antonio our lead chiropractor, Dr. Clay Suggs, considers it a great honor to be able to help his patients experience optimal health and well-being in both body and mind. The services we offer here go way beyond injury recovery—they emphasize and celebrate each body's innate ability to heal itself and achieve lasting wellness. 

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Services Offered at Our Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic 

No matter what your unique lifestyle or health situation is, our team in San Antonio, TX is confident we can help you. We're always looking for the latest advances in natural and holistic healing services so that we can offer our patients optimal care. 

Here are a few of the services we provide every day at our clinic: 

  • Spinal adjustments - the hallmark of chiropractic care, these various manual techniques use gentle yet firm and targeted touch to realign spinal joints and "reset" the pain signaling pathways within the central nervous system. Perfect for aches and pains related to whiplash, a common type of auto injury. 
  • Spinal decompression - this specific type of manual therapy alleviates pressure on compressed nerves and can reduce symptoms ranging from peripheral muscle weakness to numbness and tingling. 
  • Physical Rehabilitation - From postural analysis to corrective exercises to orthotics fitting, our rehabilitative techniques address both symptoms and hidden causes of dysfunction, helping you feel better now and in the future.
  • Modalities, including electromagnetic therapy and electrical muscle stimulation - promote cellular and tissue healing and pain reduction by increasing local circulation and relaxing muscle fiber tension.
  • Vibration Power Plate - an exciting and engaging therapy that can jumpstart any weight loss program in just 10 minutes.    
  • Body Wraps - these wraps can detoxify your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite by improving lymphatic drainage.  
  • Nutritional Support, including Nutrition Response Testing and Nutraceuticals - If thy food is thy medicine, then our nutritional services will help you make sure you're getting the right prescription! 

Because these services are drug-free, non-invasive, and pose a low to no risk of side effects, we're able to help people of all ages and backgrounds who are dealing with a variety of acute and chronic health issues. Every treatment session and service is customized to meet the individual needs of every patient, and above all we make it our top priority to make our clinic feel inviting, relaxing, and welcoming. 

Is an Injury Holding You Back? Our Chiropractor in San Antonio TX Can Help

Here at the Optimal Health & Wellness Center located in San Antonio TX, our chiropractic team is committed to promoting full-body wellness—not merely the absence of injury and disease, but a complete revolution in every patient's individual health potential and function. If you're suffering from any sort of acute or chronic condition such as a sports injury or car injury, contact our office to schedule an appointment with a caring and experienced chiropractor in San Antonio now. 

Our number is  (210) 681-3333. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you realize what true health means for you!


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