Lower Back/Sciatic Pain, Depression, Acid Reflux

“I was referred to Dr. Suggs by another doctor in another part of the state. I had been to all different kinds of Chiropractors, had non-manipulative procedures-thumper, massage therapy, medical doctors, physical therapists, rake therapists, reflexology therapists, and pressure point. I had some good results and some bad.
I have suffered lower back and sciatic pain for a number of years. Probably more than 20 years, due to two accidents and several falls.
Over the years, my pain became increasingly worse to the point of being constant and on a daily basis. I had learned to push it aside to be able to function at my job. I began to limp severely and had difficulty getting up and out of chairs or bath tub. I was treated by numerous specialty doctors with pain killers, muscle relaxers, or medications for depression. Nothing “fixed” the problem. I lived with continual sharp pain, stabbing pain from my hips down both legs to my toes. I had other health problems such as acid reflux, daily kidney problems, knee and feet problems, and hurting joints.
My sister referred me to a Chiropractor who then referred me to Dr. Suggs. I am able to have pain free days and more movement and flexibility in my back and limbs. My attitude and outlook on life was 100% better. I continue to get better with each visit. I am very pleased with the treatments and have sung the praises of Dr. Suggs
and his devoted, caring staff to anyone who will listen.
I was always told “You’re just getting older and your body is wearing out. You’ll just have to live with it.”
Dr. Suggs proved differently.
Thank You Dr. Suggs. You have given me a new lease on life.”
– Ruthie D.

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