The ketogenic diet is a diet gaining in popularity at the moment as more and more people cut out sugars and processed carbohydrates from their diets.

Incorporating a ketogenic diet promotes the metabolic formation of ketone bodies, which happens by causing the body to utilize fat (instead of carbohydrates). Your body’s fat becomes your principal energy source.

The ketogenic diet is high in fat, adequate in clean protein, and low in carbohydrate intake — it was originally used to epilepsy in children.

Read on for a few health benefits you’ll enjoy from adopting a ketogenic diet beyond burning unwanted fat.

Watch Your Energy Levels Rise

Although, initially, you may experience sugar withdrawals (headaches and nausea included) in addition to fatigue, what the keto diet will end up doing is give you a serious energy boost. When we use fat as a fuel, our endurance is stronger and more sustainable.

Type 2 Diabetes Protection

Since the keto diet drastically diminishes your daily carbohydrate intake (to less than 20 grams a day, to be exact), this has been shown to help those who are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Putting your body into ketosis can dramatically improve your blood sugar control.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation has been shown to be linked to all sorts of health problems, like heart disease, autoimmune disease, arthritis, viruses, and more. Keto diets can help reduce inflammation through nutrition, improve a large host of health conditions.

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