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Chiropractor San Antonio Blogs are on the website to help our patients live a healthy and active life.

Furthermore, Dr. Suggs is passionate about empowering each patient with knowledge and resources to control their own health and wellness.

Dr. Suggs provides patients with non-surgical solutions for pain and injury and has been doing so since he began.

As an illustration, he utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and therapies to provide appropriate care to each patient.

Similarly, the amazing care provided by Dr. Suggs is what makes him one of the most searched chiropractors in San Antonio.

With this in mind, read some of our chiropractor San Antonio blogs.

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Your Carbohydrate Companion: A Primer

It’s not much of a secret that carbohydrates are quite the controversial subject these days. Ketogenic diet enthusiasts aim to cut most carbs out of their diet completely, shying away from bread, sugary drinks, pastries, etc., for instance. The primary purpose of carbohydrates in your diet is to translate into energy. Carbohydrates (most of them…

Chiropractic Care for Golfers

Though golf doesn’t really come to mind when people think about sports that are hard on the body, golfers experience a significant amount of wear and tear, especially when driving the ball. Below are a few ways that chiropractic care can help treat a hard day at the links. Avoid Injury Chiropractic care is great…

3 Healthy New Years Resolution Ideas

At Optimal Health & Wellness we provide services that treat the patient inside and out. We offer drug-free solutions that help our patients live their very best lives. As the New Year begins, many of us make resolutions that will help us make progress and grow throughout the year. Below are a few ideas for…

Running Tips that Will Save Your Back

Patients with back issues often get their problems as a result from either being active or not being active enough. Though the patients we see are a little more likely due to sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time, we also see many runners who experience lower back and joint pain. Studies…

Quick, Easy Rundown on Proper Lifting Technique

Optimal Health & Wellness Center would like to take a timeout to talk about proper lifting technique. It’s that time of year when some of us may be springing for some sizeable gifts that, when lifting, might put undue stress on the back. Please read on to learn the proper ways to lift so you…

3 Keto Christmas Dish Ideas

Ketogenic diets and low carb diets notoriously fall by the wayside during the holiday season, but at these times it is most important to stick to our convictions. Practicing restraint and self-control over the holiday season is a worthy endeavor that will help you carry momentum into the coming year, too. Below we go over…

3 Ways to Engage in Active Recovery

Taking a day off from fitness or training is A-okay when it comes down to it. But, in today’s fast-paced world, some people might be looking to maximize their recovery days a little more than staying sedentary. Taking a complete day off always sounds like a novel idea, but there is still a lot you…

Foam Rollers: A Fantastic Gift Idea and Supplement to Chiropractic Care

Today we’d like to go over a common health and wellness accessory that might make an amazing Christmas gift that will actually get used, instead of ending up in the rubbish pile after the holiday season. Foam Rollers are excellent for supporting your health and wellness plan and, also, when used correctly, beneficial to your…

3 Christmas Gift Ideas that Promote Back and Spine Health

It’s that time of year again when we think of others more than we think of ourselves: the holiday season! In honor of the gift-giving season, we thought we’d go over a few spine-friendly gift ideas that will help a loved one stay on top of their health and wellness. Somebody has to think of…

3 Signs You Have Arthritis

People who live with arthritis are living with a joint disorder — people can be affected in areas of the body ranging from fingers, wrist, knees, and other parts of the body as well. Arthritis generally develops out of trauma (injury), infection, or even simply from the aging process. Pain associated with arthritis comes about from…

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