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Chiropractor San Antonio Blogs are on the website to help our patients live a healthy and active life.

Furthermore, Dr. Suggs is passionate about empowering each patient with knowledge and resources to control their own health and wellness.

Dr. Suggs provides patients with non-surgical solutions for pain and injury and has been doing so since he began.

As an illustration, he utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and therapies to provide appropriate care to each patient.

Similarly, the amazing care provided by Dr. Suggs is what makes him one of the most searched chiropractors in San Antonio.

With this in mind, read some of our chiropractor San Antonio blogs.

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3 Signs Your Have Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition that can cause bones to weaken and to become brittle — so much so that even a simple cough or performing an everyday type of motion can cause a break or fracture. Osteoporosis is notorious for attacking the hip, wrist, and the spine especially. Both women and men are affected by…

3 Common Workplace Injuries

At Optimal Health & Wellness Center we see a lot of patients who experience workplace injuries. Preventing workplace injuries is of huge importance, not just for the employees, but for employers as well. A big-time injury can put an important employee out of work for weeks or months and leave an employer paying for expensive…

4 Heart-Healthy Tips for February

At Optimal Health & Wellness Center we take our patient’s heart health very seriously. A big part of what we do is provide information regarding healthy diets and also the ways that chiropractic care can help improve your overall wellness on a day-to-day basis. Below are a few ways that you can improve your health…

3 Ways to Proper Lifting Technique in the Gym

Proper lifting technique in the gym is paramount to an active lifestyle. When you’re at the gym there is an entire slew of workout machines that each require different techniques. Below are a few ways to maximize your form and safety at the gym so you can work out and get home safely, only to…

3 Ways to Stop Work-Related Back Pain

If you spend large portions of your day hunched over a computer you might experience back pain that extends beyond the workplace. In those cases, it’s a good idea to establish a relationship with your friendly neighborhood chiropractor in San Antonio, TX. Below are a few ways you can reduce back pain due to work…

Try These 3 Things for Better Posture

If you sit for long periods of time at work or engage in activities like basketball, weight lifting, running, hiking, and more, then you might be putting stress on your body. If you engage in these activities without paying attention to your posture, then you can do even more damage to your back, neck, and…

3 Keto-Friendly Foods for Your Super Bowl Celebration

If you’re putting anything together for the Super Bowl yet still need to stick to your ketogenic diet, we have you covered at Optimal Health & Wellness Center. We provide chiropractic treatment that helps our patients treat injury and discomfort, not to mention avoid those two things down the road. Another part of what we…

3 Ways to Treat Your Whiplash

If you’ve recently been in a car accident or have experienced a situation that has left you with whiplash you might be wondering what you can do to relieve your pain and obtain your range of motion back. Optimal Health & Wellness Center sees many patients who have experienced an injury and are looking to…

Spine Problems and Headaches

Did you know that headaches are often one of the symptoms of underlying problems with the spine? Cervicogenic Headaches, for instance, can often be related to excessive amounts of neck stress. This kind of a headache might result from: Damaged Discs Cervical Osteoarthritis Whiplash Compression of the Cervical Nerve Your neck’s bony structures (like facet…

Can Poor Posture Affect Your Mood?

It’s no secret that having good posture yields all sorts of health benefits, especially when it comes to your back, neck, and spine. But did you know that there is a suggested link between poor posture and having a bad mood? Read on to learn how. Depression and Poor Posture Usually, our body language speaks…

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