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If you sit for long periods of time at work or engage in activities like basketball, weight lifting, running, hiking, and more, then you might be putting stress on your body. If you engage in these activities without paying attention to your posture, then you can do even more damage to your back, neck, and spine.

Below are a few simple measures you can take to improve your posture at home and work.

1.) Work in a Stretch Routine

When you're at work or find yourself sitting for long periods of time, take a break to work in a miniature stretch routine. This will help keep your muscles from cramping up and help you keep and maintain better posture.

2.) Focus on Your Alignment

Make sure that your ears are aligned over your shoulders and that your shoulders are aligned over your hips. Push your shoulders back and arrange your screen at your desk so you are looking straight ahead and slightly upwards. This will help you keep perfect posture.

3.) Stop Crossing Your Legs

When you're sitting make sure your feet sit flat on the ground and that your knees sit slightly lower than your hips so your legs don't cramp.

Sometimes, even in the face of practicing perfect posture, your back and neck can experience pain and discomfort. In those cases, contact Optimal Health & Wellness Center. We have a long history of getting patients back to active.



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