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If you're putting anything together for the Super Bowl yet still need to stick to your ketogenic diet, we have you covered at Optimal Health & Wellness Center. We provide chiropractic treatment that helps our patients treat injury and discomfort, not to mention avoid those two things down the road.

Another part of what we do is provide wellness services and patient education. The ketogenic diet provides a host of health benefits -- and we don't want you to have to cheat on your diet, which could end up compromising your results.

Read on for a few food ideas that will still keep you in good standing with your ketogenic diet.

1.) Bacon-Wrapped Sausages

Bacon-wrapped sausages provide protein and healthy fats -- two things that are synonymous with the ketogenic diet. Eat as many of these as you like -- just make sure that you opt for a sugar-free dipping sauce.

2.) Chicken Wings

Wings are a Super Bowl mainstay, and you can still enjoy these without going back on your ketogenic diet. Just make sure that the wings aren't breaded -- opt for grilled wings if you're able.

3.) Almond Flour Breadsticks

Just because you're on the ketogenic diet doesn't mean that you can't enjoy some doughy goodness. Use almond flour and make sure to pile on the mozzarella -- you can even add pepperoni or Calabrese to spice up this classic Super Bowl snack and stay within the parameters of your diet.

If you have any questions about the ketogenic diet and the many health benefits you stand to gain from it, contact Optimal Health & Wellness Center today. We'll answer any questions you have. Here's to your health Have a safe and happy Super Bowl weekend. 



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