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Patients with back issues often get their problems as a result from either being active or not being active enough. Though the patients we see are a little more likely due to sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time, we also see many runners who experience lower back and joint pain.

Studies on former elite athletes from various sports discovered that lower back pain tended to be less of a problem for top-notch athletes (with higher-intensity training methods) than the general population. When research has honed in on running in particular, there's been little evidence linking running to lower back pain any more than other strenuous sports.

It's All About Form

One area to focus on is to improve running technique and range of motion. Many runners out there skimp on form and just focus on getting the mileage in by any means necessary, sacrificing their form, which can add undue pressure to your joints. Just like walking with good posture, running with your back straight is also necessary. Try to incorporate your leg muscles as much as possible and try to land on your feet evenly on the ball of your foot and your heel, in an arc-like fashion.

Working on mobility and flexibility will help, not to mention incorporating a stretch routine (more importantly after you run). Before you run, try to work on your range of motion with leg swings, mule kicks, warm-up routines like this. Save the stretching for after your run and a cool down walk.

Work on Your Core and Leg Strength

Strengthening your core and strengthening your legs will help you incorporate these muscles into your running, so you're more in control, which will also help you avoid injury, especially if you're running on uneven terrain -- which, even city streets can often throw these a runner's way.

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Optimal Health & Wellness Center specializes in chiropractic services both for those who experience injury and those who would like to avoid injury. Chiropractic care is a great way to adjust after daily wear and tear, including your training routine. We're here to keep you active. Schedule your consultation today!



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