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Today we'd like to go over a common health and wellness accessory that might make an amazing Christmas gift that will actually get used, instead of ending up in the rubbish pile after the holiday season. Foam Rollers are excellent for supporting your health and wellness plan and, also, when used correctly, beneficial to your back!

Make Sure that Foam Roller Gets Used Correctly

If you give a foam roller as a gift, make sure you let your gift recipient know how to use it correctly. Tell that special someone not to use their foam roller directly on their lower back, since there isn't a whole lot of protection down there. Instead, use the foam roller on the upper back, which has shoulder blades and larger muscles protecting the spine. Using a foam roller on the lower back might put pressure on the spinal muscles, causing them to contract and cause damage, especially if the back pain is coming from a lumbar spine condition.

Stop using the foam roller at the end of the ribcage. If you feel pain in your lower back, it might be relieved by using the foam roller on the glutes and the hip flexors, areas where tightness can contribute to lower back pain.

Roll it Out Slow

It's easy to be tempted to roll quickly to get the therapy out of the way. This technique may feel good, but it won't alleviate tightness. To alleviate tightness roll no more than an inch each second. This allows your muscles the requisite time to relax and adapt to the foam roller pressure.

If you have questions about using foam rollers, contact Optimal Health & Wellness Center today. Happy holiday season and happy shopping from us to you!



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