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It's that time of year again when we think of others more than we think of ourselves: the holiday season!

In honor of the gift-giving season, we thought we'd go over a few spine-friendly gift ideas that will help a loved one stay on top of their health and wellness. Somebody has to think of that, right? Read on for a few gift ideas that your gift recipient will appreciate in the long run.

1.) An Ergonomic Chair

It doesn't matter who you are these days, chances are, you end up sitting in front of a computer, or sitting at a desk, or sitting in a chair for some reason. Having an ergonomic chair benefits the home PC user as well as the office worker alike. They're good for the gamer and the TV watcher as well.

2.) Chiropractic Shoes

Getting shoes for a friend or family member might prove more difficult. There are different types of feet, of course. arch — attention should be paid to the arch of the foot when choosing footwear that benefits your back. There are 3 different types of arch shapes

  • Over-Pronation (Low)
  • Neutral
  • Excessive Supination (High)

Minimalist shoes might also benefit back pain as well. There are options available as far as inserts, insoles, and gel soles which have also been shown to reduce and relieve back pain.

Back/Neck Massager

There are some pretty sophisticated massagers that are available and they can help boost the benefits experienced after a session with Dr. Barton, not to mention help you relieve the wear and tear that is experienced day to day.

Bonus Gift Idea: The Gift of Chiropractic Care from Optimal Health & Wellness Center!

Contact Optimal Health & Wellness Center if you're interested in chiropractic care for yourself or you'd like to give the gift of chiropractic care to a friend or family member.



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