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As October has come to a close, many of us are trying to make our Thanksgiving Day plans. This might mean making a trek out of town, or it might mean having family members over to your neck of the woods. No matter which way you slice it, if you're on a ketogenic diet, it can be a real challenge to stick to it. Optimal Health & Wellness Center would like to go over a few foods you can have without sabotaging your results.

Read on for a few items that are still categorized as ketogenic, even though many of these appear commonly on the Thanksgiving dinner table, or are variations of popular classics.

Eat All the Turkey

Eating clean protein is a priority on the ketogenic diet, but so is eating foods high in good fats. That's why you'll want to focus on eating the dark meat, which is higher in fat. Try to get a turkey leg or two for good measure. If you remind everyone that you're on a special diet, you may get a few eye rolls, but, usually, people will give you a break. If you're going to lather that turkey with gravy, make sure that the gravy is sugar free.

Cauliflower Mash

Opt out of mashed potatoes, which are high in starch and carbs. Instead, opt for cauliflower mash and load it up with organic, grass-fed butter. It's delicious!

Low-Carb Pumpkin Cheesecake

You can make some pretty amazing creations with almond flour crust -- and pumpkin cheesecake (complete with cream cheese filling), will be very close to the original and still delicious on its own terms. You also won't have that heavy, carb-overload feeling after your meal.

Try some of these ideas and let us know what you end up creating in the comments! Contact Optimal Health & Wellness Center for more wellness and diet consultation.



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