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There's still a few more weeks of nice weather for many of us as the fall months start to roll in. Optimal Health & Wellness Center would like to list some activities that will get you outdoors, activities that are also good for your back, neck, and spine!

Read on for a few ways to stay active in the fall without contributing too much wear and tear on your body or compromising your spine health.

Paddle Boarding

Have you ever had an annoying gym rat tell you to "engage your core"? The frustrating part is that they're not wrong. Heading out to the lake, the ocean, or whatever large body of water you're able to in order to do some standup paddleboarding will serve you well. This activity also helps eliminate Low Back Pain. Paddleboarding also engages your core muscle group (hips, lower back, buttocks, abs -- basically, the mid-section of the body).

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an activity you can do indoors or outdoors, just make sure you have proper training and a buddy who knows what they're doing. Please always practice the highest standards of safety here. Starting with an indoor facility might be a good idea. When you engage in rock climbing you'll be strengthening your back. Rock climbing is also considered low impact.


We like riding a bicycle (also called cycling). It's another non-weight bearing exercise that is really easy on your back and spine. Riding on roads is better than craggy terrain, of course. Using a stationary bike increases safety and is also something you can do while recovering from an injury.

If you tweak your neck or back while staying active this fall, contact Optimal Health & Wellness Center today for a consultation.



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