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The importance of good posture is basically undeniable at this point. You don't even have flat-earthers disputing the fact that it's bad for your back, neck, and spine to sit with poor posture. In addition to keeping your back straight, good posture keeps your bones and joints in correct alignment -- that way the muscles can be used properly. Good posture helps you conserve energy, it helps you prevent the spine from being caught in abnormal positions, and also contributes to a desirable appearance.

But some of us might not know exactly what makes good posture.

Below Optimal Health & Wellness Center goes over a quick checklist you can make to achieve good posture on a daily basis. We hope you're sitting down down for this... (just kidding)

First, make sure that you sit with your back straight and pull your shoulders back. Keep your 3 normal, healthy back curves present throughout. Make sure that your hips are evenly distributed and that your feet are flat on the ground. You want your knees resting slightly below your hips.

You don't want to be staring down at your computer screen. More so, you want to be looking straight ahead or slightly upwards.

If you've been sitting in the same position for 30 minutes or more, it's time to switch it up. Start by creeping all the way up to the end of your chair and hold a pronounced slouch for a moment. Then draw spine back up slowly, moving your neck then head up. If you can, incorporate some yoga-influenced stretches into your workday as well.

If you have any additional questions about good posture or believe that your back or neck are having problems due to your posture, contact Optimal Health & Wellness Center today to schedule your chiropractor consultation in San Antonio, TX. Our mission is to keep you active for the long haul.



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