3 Worst Jobs for Your Back

At Optimal Health & Wellness Center there tend to be a lot of patients we see who work in certain industries and areas of employment that puts extra wear and tear on their backs. Of course, we would never tell a person that they can’t do something — we all have livings to make. Below we go over a few vocations that are especially bad on your back, and, finally, we’ll tell you a few things you can do to counteract the strain you may have been putting on your back.

Read on for a few jobs that may be putting your back at risk!

1.) Landscaping/Gardening

Lifting heavy objects, working while sitting on your knees, crouching down to plant or to edge, pushing around heavy mowers and leaf blowers — all of these activities will put extra strain on your back, neck, and spine. Pair this also with the fact that many landscapers work in their field for decades, many back problems can occur.

2.) Construction 

Vocations which involve construction and industrial matters tend to involve a lot of bending, lifting, and twisting. Whether you’re an electrician, a roofer, a plumber, or anything else involved with construction, you’re likely putting a lot of pressure on your back, neck, and spine.

3.) Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers have the one-two punch going on with their backs due to sitting in the driving position all day and also having to lift heavy objects, often away from the body (as when a delivery driver grabs a box from the back of their truck without jumping up and in). 

If you’re in any of these lines of work or are working a job that puts strain on your back, contact Optimal Health & Wellness Center today. We provide many chiropractic care services, such as adjustments, which will help treat any pain you have while also preventing future injury!

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