If you spend large portions of your day hunched over a computer you might experience back pain that extends beyond the workplace. In those cases, it’s a good idea to establish a relationship with your friendly neighborhood chiropractor in San Antonio, TX.

Below are a few ways you can reduce back pain due to work on an everyday basis.

1.) Incorporate an At-Work Stretch Routine

If you sit in front of a computer, it’s especially a good idea to get up and do a quick stretch routine once an hour or so. Just tell your coworkers that you’re working on your spine health. It’s a great safety measure.

2.) Exercise

By engaging your core, working on your cardio, and strength training you’ll be able to help build up your back, which will help you avoid injury and also increase flexibility and range of motion.

3.) Invest in a Good Chair

If you’re going to end up sitting for long periods of time it’s a good idea to invest in a chair that offers proper lumbar support. You’ll want something with just the right balance of support and comfort.

If you have any additional questions about how you can reduce your back pain at work, contact Optimal Health & Wellness Center today to schedule your consultation.

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