Proper lifting technique in the gym is paramount to an active lifestyle. When you’re at the gym there is an entire slew of workout machines that each require different techniques.

Below are a few ways to maximize your form and safety at the gym so you can work out and get home safely, only to do the same thing again tomorrow!

1.) Less is More

Make sure that you’re not putting on too much weight at first, especially when it comes to your back and your lower body. It’s a classic misstep to use too much weight before you’re ready. It’s actually one of the hallmarks of an amateur. Using higher reps and lower weight to get your initial workouts will also help increase safety.

2.) Use Your Legs

When you’re squatting and doing back exercises, make sure that you incorporate your legs. The same is true for working your core as well. Letting your legs do the work will also keep your core muscles tight.

3.) Avoid Twists

Keeping your back straight and its natural curve intact will help you avoid spine injury. It’s when you get involved in twisting lifts and other positions that you can damage your back, neck, and spine.

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