3 Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is a big part of being healthy, well, and performing at optimum capacity. Did you know that on many professional athletic teams players have to keep track of their hydration? They do it by keeping track of the color of their urine, the more yellowish/brown the less hydrated they are. And, if their urine is yellow or brown, they have to write an apology letter to their teammates for shortchanging them and not performing at the elite level they are getting paid for.

So, this serves as proof that there is a premium that needs to be put on hydration. Read on for a few ways you can stay hydrated throughout the day. Turns out most of us aren’t getting the requisite amount of water we need to fuel each day.

1.) Drink a Quart of Water When You Wake Up

We all wan to reach for our coffee early in the morning, but the first thing we all should be drinking is sweet, glorious, life-building water.

2.) Drink Half Your Body Weight in Ounces

Most people think they need eight glasses of water a day, but that might not necessarily be true. And what constitutes one glass? Mug, cup, and glass sizes can often differentiate substantially. The better way to gauge your success in staying hydrated is to calculate the number of ounces you need and go from there. If you’re 150 pounds, for instance, you need to drink 75 ounces of water each day, essentially half your body weight or more.

3.) Stay Away from Drinks that Dehydrate You

Staying away from bad beverages is another great way to boost your hydration. Sodas, alcohol, wine, and other beverages only lead to dehydration, despite them being water-based.

If you have any questions about how you can stay hydrated throughout the day, contact Optimal Health & Wellness Center today.

3 Worst Jobs for Your Back

At Optimal Health & Wellness Center there tend to be a lot of patients we see who work in certain industries and areas of employment that puts extra wear and tear on their backs. Of course, we would never tell a person that they can’t do something — we all have livings to make. Below we go over a few vocations that are especially bad on your back, and, finally, we’ll tell you a few things you can do to counteract the strain you may have been putting on your back.

Read on for a few jobs that may be putting your back at risk!

1.) Landscaping/Gardening

Lifting heavy objects, working while sitting on your knees, crouching down to plant or to edge, pushing around heavy mowers and leaf blowers — all of these activities will put extra strain on your back, neck, and spine. Pair this also with the fact that many landscapers work in their field for decades, many back problems can occur.

2.) Construction 

Vocations which involve construction and industrial matters tend to involve a lot of bending, lifting, and twisting. Whether you’re an electrician, a roofer, a plumber, or anything else involved with construction, you’re likely putting a lot of pressure on your back, neck, and spine.

3.) Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers have the one-two punch going on with their backs due to sitting in the driving position all day and also having to lift heavy objects, often away from the body (as when a delivery driver grabs a box from the back of their truck without jumping up and in). 

If you’re in any of these lines of work or are working a job that puts strain on your back, contact Optimal Health & Wellness Center today. We provide many chiropractic care services, such as adjustments, which will help treat any pain you have while also preventing future injury!

Tips for Dealing with Back Pain

If you’re an adult, chances are you’ve dealt with some sort of back pain at one point or another.

The statistics are pretty overwhelming, actually. Turns out 80% of us have experienced back pain at some point in our lives. Below Optimal Health & Wellness Center goes over a few ways you can deal with back pain (or even prevent it in many cases).

1.) Start Doing Yoga

There are an exceptional amount of poses that keep your spine in mind and yoga happens to be one of the perfect remedies for that job that has you either sitting or standing for long periods of your 40-hour work week. Both standing and sitting have adverse effects on your back, neck, and your spine. Yoga will help you stretch out your muscles and is good for your joints and your spine!

2.) Quit Tobacco and Alcohol

Using tobacco and alcohol will both impede your body’s ability to regenerate itself and even heal from various injuries. Smoking has also been shown to contribute to atherosclerosis (which has to do with the blockage of small arteries throughout your body). Your spine tissue (like your intervertebral discs for instance), receive their vital blood supply primarily from nutrients from these small vessels.

3.) Build Your Back and Your Core

You might be tempted to overwork your biceps and triceps at the gym to gain that perfect beach body, but it’s far more beneficial for your overall wellness to start incorporating exercises that build your back and strengthen your core. It’s also important when doing lifts attributed to these muscle groups that you focus primarily on FORM.

If you incorporate these tips above as well as visit Optimal Health & Wellness Center regularly for advanced chiropractic care, your back will be in tip-top shape. Contact Optimal Health & Wellness Center today to schedule your consultation!

3 Benefits to Using the Sauna

At Optimal Health & Wellness Center we are constantly considering ways that our patients can optimize their health and wellness outside our practice.

The truth is, there are is a lot of information out there, especially when it comes to certain practices that explore and push the boundaries of hot and cold temperatures for human benefit.

The sauna is an age-old thing that some might associate with their grandparents, or perhaps equate with a negative experience had at a crowded gym. Below are a few health benefits you can gain from hanging out in the sauna for a few minutes a few times a week.

1.) Increase Your Circulation

Increased blood circulation happens in the sauna because that heat causes your heart to increase its rhythm, which forces your blood vessels to widen. Your blood will make its way around your body FASTER as a result.

2.) Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk

The sauna is thought of having a similar effect that moderate exercise does when it comes to your heart. When you step in the sauna, your heart rate increases, which means circulation improves. As a result, cells in your heart function at an optimum capacity because more blood gets delivered to them. Of course, we do not recommend using the sauna as an exercise substitute, but it has been shown to drive down your risk of heart disease.

3.) Rids the Body of Toxins

Using the sauna can be one of the best ways to flush your body of toxins. We get exposed to elements like copper, lead, and zinc — all of which embed themselves into the skin. Getting in that sauna time will actually help you sweat those nasty things out. The sauna a nice, safe, and relaxing way to detoxify the body.

If you have any additional questions about how the sauna can help your health and wellness, contact Optimal Health & Wellness Center today!