3 Amazing Ketogenic Foods

You may have heard of the ketosis diet and have been wondering about what it’s like to make the transition. Maybe you see someone at your place of work who brings their own lunch and adheres to the ketogenic diet, which generally means that this person will be eating high amounts of healthy fats (think avocado, coconut oil, MCT oil, etc.) while cutting out sugars and processed carbs nearly completely.

You may have also wondered if making the transition to a ketogenic diet is difficult.

Below are a few foods that make the transition easier — all while still adhering to your new ketogenic diet!

1.) Have All the Meats!

Making sure you’re eating a lot of clean protein is vital to keeping your ketogenic diet. Try to eat as much poultry as you can, but you’re also clear to eat steak and other red meats.

2.) And All the Seafood, Too

You’ll be able to eat as much seafood as you want on the ketogenic diet. But if you opt for sushi, you need to make sure you 86 the rice — because you’d be breaking your no carb rule.

3.) Veg Out on Low Carb Veggies

You’ll want to eat plenty of veggies that grow above grown, especially our leafy greens. Opt for spinach, mushrooms, green beans, and green bell peppers. Stay away from potatoes and other veggies that are higher in starch.

If you’re just starting your ketogenic diet — we wish you all the best of luck. If you have any questions about incorporating your new health and wellness plan contact Optimal Health & Wellness Center today to schedule a consultation. We have a fantastic track record of keeping our patients healthy and active.

How to Sit with Perfect Posture

The importance of good posture is basically undeniable at this point. You don’t even have flat-earthers disputing the fact that it’s bad for your back, neck, and spine to sit with poor posture. In addition to keeping your back straight, good posture keeps your bones and joints in correct alignment — that way the muscles can be used properly. Good posture helps you conserve energy, it helps you prevent the spine from being caught in abnormal positions, and also contributes to a desirable appearance.

But some of us might not know exactly what makes good posture.

Below Optimal Health & Wellness Center goes over a quick checklist you can make to achieve good posture on a daily basis. We hope you’re sitting down down for this… (just kidding)

First, make sure that you sit with your back straight and pull your shoulders back. Keep your 3 normal, healthy back curves present throughout. Make sure that your hips are evenly distributed and that your feet are flat on the ground. You want your knees resting slightly below your hips.

You don’t want to be staring down at your computer screen. More so, you want to be looking straight ahead or slightly upwards.

If you’ve been sitting in the same position for 30 minutes or more, it’s time to switch it up. Start by creeping all the way up to the end of your chair and hold a pronounced slouch for a moment. Then draw spine back up slowly, moving your neck then head up. If you can, incorporate some yoga-influenced stretches into your workday as well.

If you have any additional questions about good posture or believe that your back or neck are having problems due to your posture, contact Optimal Health & Wellness Center today to schedule your chiropractor consultation in San Antonio, TX. Our mission is to keep you active for the long haul.

A Quick Look At Extremity Pain

Extremity pain is a condition that can affect people of all ages, and many times extremity pain can be treated drug-free by your local chiropractor. Optimal Health & Wellness Center offers treatment for extremity pain in San Antonio, TX — all as a way to get you back to active again!

Your lower extremities include the legs, ankles, and feet — they’re controlled by nerves that start in the lower back and spine. Pain in these areas can usually be attributed to using improper form when lifting or doing something active. Pain can also result from trauma or wear and tear or stress that compounds over time.

Your upper extremities include the neck, shoulders, wrists, and arms. Shoulder and wrist pain and injury is most common, due to daily wear and tear. Think of it this way, the more you do a certain motion, the area that gets used undergoes wear and tear each time. Not to mention, the more you use a body part, the higher your chances are of injuring it. Engaging in low-risk activity, like cycling or indoor swimming, for instance, will help you avoid wear and tear and injury as well.

When it comes to treatment for long-term pain relief, chiropractic care is a fantastic and viable option to utilize your body’s alignment, which will help maximize your body’s ability to heal itself. Chirpractoc increases your functionality without resorting to drugs or surgery. It’s a natural, holistic option with no side effects and zero risk for addiction. Contact Optimal Health & Wellness Center today to schedule your consultation if you’ve been experiencing extremity pain and need the care of an experienced chiropractor in San Antonio, TX. 

Health Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is a diet gaining in popularity at the moment as more and more people cut out sugars and processed carbohydrates from their diets.

Incorporating a ketogenic diet promotes the metabolic formation of ketone bodies, which happens by causing the body to utilize fat (instead of carbohydrates). Your body’s fat becomes your principal energy source.

The ketogenic diet is high in fat, adequate in clean protein, and low in carbohydrate intake — it was originally used to epilepsy in children.

Read on for a few health benefits you’ll enjoy from adopting a ketogenic diet beyond burning unwanted fat.

Watch Your Energy Levels Rise

Although, initially, you may experience sugar withdrawals (headaches and nausea included) in addition to fatigue, what the keto diet will end up doing is give you a serious energy boost. When we use fat as a fuel, our endurance is stronger and more sustainable.

Type 2 Diabetes Protection

Since the keto diet drastically diminishes your daily carbohydrate intake (to less than 20 grams a day, to be exact), this has been shown to help those who are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Putting your body into ketosis can dramatically improve your blood sugar control.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation has been shown to be linked to all sorts of health problems, like heart disease, autoimmune disease, arthritis, viruses, and more. Keto diets can help reduce inflammation through nutrition, improve a large host of health conditions.

If you have any additional questions about the ketogenic diet, contact Optimal Health & Wellness Center today. We do more than just keep your spine in line as your number one Chiropractor in San Antonio, TX. We’re your one-stop wellness spot.

Weight Vest Dos and Don’ts

Those who are looking to up their game when it comes to crosstraining might be considering the merits of incorporating a weight vest into their routine.

Weight vests can certainly supplement an exercise routine, making you faster, stronger, as well as boosting your cardio and endurance. There are weight vests on the market (such as those manufactured by MIR Weighted Vests) which have adjustable/removable weights, so you can customize your workouts as-needed.

But, just as with anything in fitness, there are both benefits and drawbacks to using weight vests. And there are things to do and things not to do when you incorporate them into your fitness routine.

DO: Buy a Quality Vest

It’s important that you make a top notch purchase when you’re buying a weighted vest. MIR is a great quality vest for instance. There are some definite stinkers out there, too, vests that can’t even stand one single high-intensity workout without ripping or tearing.

DON’T: Wear Weight Vests too Often

You can mess up your equilibrium and your body’s default stabilizing system by wearing a weight vest for too long and too often. The ideal circumstance is to do pull ups, push ups, body squats, and speed intervals, as well as shorter distance hikes (1-5 miles). You don’t want to go on super long distance runs with a lot of weight, because it can really do some wear and tear to your joints and your spine and discs.

DO: Wear Your Weight Vest Snugly

Make sure that your weight vest is secure against your body. If the weights are bouncing around, this will intensify decompression and create problems in the spine and lower back.

DON’T: Push Your Workouts too Hard too Fast

Add weight slowly to your workouts, so you know your body is up for it. Adding too much too fast could land you an injury or at the very least put undue stress on your body.

If you do experience back, neck, spine, or leg pain due to weight vest training, contact Optimal Health and Wellness Center today. We’ll schedule your consultation with Dr. Suggs and get you back on the footpath to wellness again.

Most Common Work Injuries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics asserts that in 2016 nearly 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses occurred — 892,300 of which were considered severe cases (meaning the injured employee or person in question required one day or multiple days off from work.

In our grind-heavy culture, it’s easy to understand why many folks simply cannot afford to miss days or weeks that come along with a workplace injury. Being as such, we thought we’d go over a few of the most common workplace injuries as a way to offer preventive medicine for our patients. Knowing some of the more common pitfalls individuals face at work might help you avoid injury in the future.

Steer Clear of Overexertion

Overexertion is a common culprit of the workplace injury. This can mean pulling long hours, lifting, pushing, holding, carrying, or even throwing objects or engaging in overstrenuous activities at work. Overexertion is not only the number one workplace injury, it’s also the most expensive, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Slipping, Tripping, and Falling from Heights

Falling from an elevated area is also common in the workplace — it can happen on roofs, ladders, and even stairways. Negligence and faulty equipment often play a role in these sorts of workplace accidents. Wearing protective gear and engaging in a safety protocol can help avoid these pitfalls. 

Slipping and tripping happen to be the number 2 cause of all workplace injuries. Wet and slippery floors can facilitate injuries like these, even tripping over loose objects lying on the floor. Keeping a clean and organized workplace can help avoid injury, same with promoting employee safety and alertness, as well as limiting horseplay.

Machine or Vehicle Accidents

Vocations that involve heavy machinery or driving on the job come with an increased safety risk. Knowing the equipment and vehicle inside and out can often help, as well as practicing safe driving and operation.

At Optimal Health & Wellness Center, we are focused on treating each of our patient’s health problems. Dr. Clay Suggs spends listens carefully in order to understand your concerns and we always respond with the best possible treatment options catered to each individual patient. We have a professional staff, providing expert treatment and comprehensive aftercare.

Your health is our primary concern! We proudly serve the San Antonio, TX area and its surrounding communities.

Reasons to Consider Chiropractic Care in San Antonio, TX

It’s a sad reality that, by and large, one only considers pursuing chiropractic care when in pain or after an injury. Sure, those times are crucial to see a chiropractic care specialist, but your spine and neck should be taken care of year-round, as a part of your comprehensive wellness plan.

Maybe you’ve experienced whiplash, maybe you just need an adjustment after spending 60 hours a week in front of a computer screen. It’s important to build a practice to maintain your body, which goes through everyday wear and tear just like any other well-oiled machine.

Spinal decompression, for example, can create an “electric shock” feeling, not to mention numbness in certain areas, sharp, sudden pains, and a number of additional unusual sensations and discomforts. These unpleasant symptoms of the extremities are often due to nerve tissue compression, which results in the interruption of essential nerve signals. Problems with your spine can seriously interfere with your overall health and wellness, keeping you from enjoying your favorite activities, even keeping you away from work.

Staying active, feeling good, and functioning at 100% are all reasons to consider chiropractic care. You could be suffering from symptoms of subluxation that you might not even be aware of!

Comprehensive Chiropractic Care Services in San Antonio, TX

We offer a comprehensive suite of services that will get you back to active in no time, including treatments for:

  • Spinal Decompression
  • Pinched Nerve
  • Whiplash
  • Sports Injuries
  • Auto Injuries
  • Work Injuries
  • Joint Disorders
  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Leg Pain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Sleep Apnea
  • And more!

Contact Optimal Health & Wellness Center today to get started on your new wellness plan.